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Did You Know...

Homeowners Insurance Does NOT Cover Flood Damage-
Flood is specifically excluded from your homeowners insurance policy.
You need to buy an additional flood insurance policy to be covered for flood.

You Don't Have to Be in a High Risk Area to Have a Flood-
Between 20% and 25% of losses due to flooding are not in high risk areas. Every home is at risk due to varying causes of flood.

There is a 30 Day Waiting Period Before Coverage Begins- If you buy a flood insurance policy, there is a waiting period before you will have coverage except for new home purchases. So, don't wait until it's too late. Buy your policy today!

The Risk of Flood Damage to Your Home is Higher Than Fire Damage- Your Home has a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30 year mortgage compared to a 9% chance of fire!

NOW is the time to apply for flood insurance... before something happens. In just one 9 minute call, we can tell you much it will cost to protect your property and take your application... Right Over The Phone.

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your valuable property at protected!

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Sample Rates
$100,000 As Low As $247/yr
$150,000 As Low As $296/yr
$200,000 As Low As $326/yr
$250,000 As Low As $348/yr
*additional fees may apply
Nearly 25% of Floods Claims Come From Low to Moderate Risk Areas!
Homeowners Insurance Does NOT Cover Flood Damage
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In just 9 Minutes You can get peace of mind knowing your valuable property  will be protected by flood. Our Agency has streamlined the Flood application process to make as easy as possible.
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